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Nothing quite like this distinctive Batman Dog Collar, paired with a smart metal fastex cobra clip buckle to give your dog an air of mystery.


Pairs well witih the Batman Design Leash.


Designed and made by WAUDOG in Ukraine, this line was created not only to last but to bring joy to users and admires alike. 

Batman Dog Collar

  • MADE FROM SMOOTH AND DURABLE NYLON — This lightweight extremely wear- and tear-resistant material ensures this collar will keep you and your dog happy for a very long time. Its smooth finish and flexibility gives your pup improved comfort and protects their fur.

    HIGHT-TECH PRINTING TECHNOLOGY — so your collar and chosen design will still turn heads in years to come! 

    EASY TO CARE FOR — somewhat dirt resistant, and super easy to wash, the Nylong patterned collar are washing machine friendly, and dry quickly too. 

    RELIABLE WARANTEED HARDWARE — the durable buckles, either metal or locking plastic, are easy to use and extremely reliable.  So reliable, that if yours breaks, just let the manufacturer know (warranty is on the product) and they'll send you a new one.

    SMART ID TAG —  gives you peace of mind.  This is an easy to use, modern solution to the wandering dog problem.  Scan the code, use the app and you're done.

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