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This toy was specially designed for litters of puppies. 
Fluffy Bruno comes in two sizes.  It's made of lots of different materials: sheep skin, rabbit fur and faux fur. The "tantacles" contain fun iterms and sounds too - squeakers, a rattle, little balls.  So much fun and big enough for all the puppies to hold on to!

Great puppy enrichment for any litter, and a good way to start potential sport dogs.

Fluffy Bruno

  • Small: Height: head - 9cm, 3x legs – 20 cm

    Large: Height: head -13 cm, 4x legs – 20 cm

  • Faux fur, fleece, terry, felt, tubular, rubber, rabbit fur, sheep fur, polyester stuffing, 3 squeakers, rattle, JW Ball, Chuckit ball

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