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WAUDOG Flat Coloured Leather Dog Collars are the perfect choice for fashionistas! With this accessory, your pup will look gorgeous attracting all the attention on your walks.


DURABLE YET FLEXIBLE LEATHER — It’s nice to the touch, and you can even fold it and put it into your pocket — the high-quality leather will handle it.

WELL-MADE — The edges of this collar are meticulously stitched with a heavy-duty thread. Thanks to it, the collar retains its shape for a long time and can handle almost everything.

SMART QR TAG — It’s a modern digital solution for your dog’s safety. This pet tag has a QR code on it that leads to a multifunctional mobile app.

VIVID COLORS — It’s available in nine vibrant colors that will be a stylish addition to any look. The collar looks expensive and elegant thanks to the texture of the material.

RELIABLE METAL CLASP — Made of durable metal, this clasp can handle any load without breaking or opening. Also, it’s resistant to scratches, rust, and other damage — the clasp always looks like new.

WAUDOG Flat Coloured Leather Dog Collars

PriceFrom C$13.95
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