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WAUDOG Re-cotton unveils new sustainable pet products. 
The series of WAUDOG Re-cotton pet accessories combines classic style and new technologies. 


Recycled cotton — This collar is made of recycled cotton; an eco friendly option. The material is extremely durable, soft, flexible, and hypoallergenic. The Re-Cotton collar will suit even dogs with sensitive skin and allergy issues.


Easy to care for — Recycled cotton handles washing very well. So just throw the Re-Cotton collar in your washing machine and the next thing you know it’s clean again!


Reliable plastic locking clasp — Made of sturdy plastic, this lightweight yet very durable clasp will safely keep the collar on your dog’s neck no matter what. The clasp is reinforced with a lock for improved reliability.


Smart ID Tag — Have greater peace of mind with this modern digital solution for your pet’s safety! This Smart ID Tag comes with a unique QR code and a free multifunctional app to make sure you WILL find your dog if he or she decides to experience more freedom.


Reflective thread — It is stitched with a reflective thread that will make your nighttime walks more comfortable.

Eco Friendly Re-Cotton Collars

PriceFrom C$14.95
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