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puller dog fitness tool.png

PULLER is a unique and innovative fitness tool for dogs, developed by professionals specialising in the training and care of dogs.


They are a set of two purple rings that provides daily active training and a great way for a handler and dog to improve their bond. When used as intended, 15 - 20 minutes with PULLERs provides the equivalent exercise to a 5km run.


PULLER has gained international fame and recognition among dog trainers and handlers as a result of their unique, two -toy concept, and the activities and exercises designed specifically for their use.

Even better - they are a stink-free toy, designed for dogs' teeth to sink in to them without destroying them!

So, what can you do with your dog and a set of PULLER?

  • swim (they float!)

  • run (play a game of fetch)

  • tug

  • jumping (unique game developed for PULLER)

  • have LOTS of fun!

PULLER is the only dog toy that does everything!