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Cooltugs was born out of my passion for dogs, and playing with my own dogs.  I truly believe that play is a wonderful way to help build a relationship between a dog and their person.  I am a dog trainer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I see so many people struggle to play with their dogs in a way that the dogs enjoy.  I realised that a big part of this was having the right toys - ones that are easy for us and rewarding for our dogs.  My aim at Cooltugs is to find those toys and bring them to you, making fun and rewarding play more accessible to both parts of the equation. 


The toys have been specially chosen to appeal to both dogs and their people.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Accessories were added later, but the same diligence was applied in finding them and bringing them to you.  Life with our dogs is made easier when we have the right tools for the job - thus, accessories!  Hope you enjoy them.

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