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The WAUDOG Waterproof Harness is made from innovative material COLLARTEX.



  • Stylish, bright, durable and ultramodern;
  • Made from COLLARTEX, which withstands heavy loads and is highly durable;
  • Practical: waterproof, easily washable, bright colorus don't fade in the sun
  • metal military style quick-release clasp, made from highly durable aluminium alloy, is in titanium grey colour, but sized appropriately
  • Soft on the hands and stink-free.


The harnesses come in 4 bright collars. 


WAUDOG Waterproof Harness

PriceFrom C$54.00
  • Small: width of material 15mm (9/16") length of dog: 40-55cm (16-22")

    Medium: width of material 20mm (13/16") length of dog: 50-80cm (20-31")

    Large: width of material 25mm (1") length of dog: 60-90cm (24-35")

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