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AiryVest ONE — multiseasonal one-sided puffer vest jacket that fastens with snaps!


It is warm, comfortable, and stylish. Its modern design is made in a sporty style that combines aesthetics and functionality. AiryVest ONE sits perfectly on the dog. The jacket does not cover the hind legs and abdomen, which provides maximum comfort.



  • With a hole for a back-clip harness
  • Adjustable size due to the second row of snaps
  •  New-generation “Altmicro” insulation
  • Machine-washable
  • 12 sizes for all popular dog breeds
  • 6 great colours


Airy Vest - ONE

PriceFrom C$31.00
  • Size:

    • XS22 (a:20-22, b:33-36, c:19-22)
    • X25 (a:23-25, b:37-40, c:24-27)
    • XS30 (a:28-30, b:43-46, c:27-30)
    • S30 (a:28-30, b:58-62, c:42-46)
    • S35 (a:32-35, b:47-50, c:30-33)
    • S40 (a:37-40, b:52-54, c:36-39)
    • M40 (a:37-40, b:63-67, c:39-43)
    • M45 (a:42-45, b:61-65, c:38-42) 
    • M47 (a:44-47, b:69-73, c:41-45)
    • M50 (a:45-50, b:76-79, c:55-61)
    • L55 (a:50-55, b:77-80, c:50-55)
    • L65 (a:60-65, b:87-90, c:60-65)

    *a — distance from withers to tail, b — chest girth, c — neck girth

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