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With each purchase of a set of Freedom Pullers, you support the war recovery efforts on Ukraine!


About the PULLER Standard:

It is designed for medium and large breeds of dogs, including Labradors, Retrievers, Pit Bulls, Malinois, American Staffordshire Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, Cane Corsos, German Shepherds and others.


The Puller Interactive Dog Toy is made from a proprietary material that is safe, odourless, light, and durable. This unique material will not wear down dog's teeth and holds up well even when dogs sink their teeth into the toy, holding its shape and remaining durable. That dogs love the feel of biting them has quickly won over many forward-thinking dog trainers and made it one of their go-to toys for training.


Sold in a pack of 2, these toys are well suited to the two-toy game, helping to condition a strong recall and teach a drop in a fun play-based way. 


A set of PULLERs allows you to work out a set of exercises, which develops all groups of muscles of the dog. Simultaneous use of two rings provides their necessary daily exercise more efficiently and in less time.  A 20 minute game of PULLERs is the equivalent of a 5-km run, making for great exercise and physical conditioning too.


Pullers are meant for interactive play between you and your dog only and are not intended as a chew to or to be used without supervision.  They are designed and intended to by used in a pair.

Freedom PULLER - Standard

  • Size: 28 cm x 4.3 cm Weight: 265 g x 2

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