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PULLERS are the ultimate dog toy! What other toy can you do everything with?

Great for tugging, a game of chase, swimming and conditioning exercises too.


The PULLER is made from a proprietary material that is safe, odorless, light, and durable. This unique material won't wear down your dog's teeth and holds up well even when your dog sinks their teeth into the toy; holding its shape and remaining durable.


Sold in a pack of 2, these toys are well suited to the two-toy game. They help with teaching a strong 'Come" cue, and an out/drop in a fun playing environment. This toy is intended to be used as a pair. When used effectively, a 20 minute game of Pullers is the equivalent of a 5-km run, making for great exercise and physical conditioning too.


Pullers are meant for interactive play between you and your dog only and are not intended as a chew to or to be used without supervision.


PULLER Mini Interactive Dog Toy is specially designed for small breeds.  Perfect for: Zwergschnauzer, Zwergpinscher, Pug, Yorkshire terrier, Dachshund, Cocker spaniel and others.Interactive dog training tool for small dogs - including Jack Russells, Pappions, small terriers and many more.



PULLER Mini Interactive Dog Toy

  • size: 19 cm x 2,3cm

    weight: 70g x 2

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