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The Eco-Friendly Re-Cotton Leash for Dogs is made of recycled cotton. So by getting the Re-Cotton leash for your dog, you’re instantly lowering your carbon footprint and taking a huge step towards smart consumption. 



Recycled cotton — This leash is made of recycled cotton to preserve natural resources. The material is extremely durable, soft, flexible, and hypoallergenic. The Re-Cotton leash will suit you even if you have sensitive skin or allergy issues.


Easy to care for — Recycled cotton handles washing very well. So just throw the Re-Cotton leash in your washing machine and the next thing you know it’s clean again! 


Reliable metal clip — The metal clip is very easy to use and extremely durable. It can handle even heavy tuggers and it never opens by itself. With this leash, you can be sure no incidents happen and your dog will always be next to you.


Reflective thread — It is stitched with a reflective thread that will make your nighttime walks more comfortable.

Eco-Friendly Re-Cotton Leash for Dogs

PriceFrom C$17.55
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