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New WAUDOG Waterproof XXL dog collar is specially designed for large dog breeds.

Like the rest of the products in this series, it is made of innovative and prorietary COLLARTEX material (think biothane...but better).


Main advantages are strength, softness and water proof. quality, which makes it a no stink and easy to wash collar. It consists of an inner reinforcing and weightbearing layer, with an external polymer cover with aunique soft touch texture, which prevents slipping.


This unique combination of new wide band (40 mm) with durable metal hardware makes this collar design not only wear resistant, but also more comfortable for dogs.


Available in 7 bright colors. Every collar comes with a quiick release matal bukle, and Smart ID tag with QR passport.


Waterproof Collar XXL - Metal Quick release

PriceFrom C$70.00

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